Pennsylvania photographer of love, people, and places. Storyteller. Dreamer.
Lover of coffee, leggings, Netflix, and all things peanut butter.

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I love to create & document beautiful things.

I'm so glad you're here.

Most days you can find me either hand-crafting beverages at Starbucks or in the comfiest of clothes working from my office in my Pittsburgh apartment watching Netflix (usually How I Met Your Mother or FRIENDS) or listening to my favorite podcasts. I tend to live a busy life, but I also love and crave the quiet times of lazy Sundays and evenings. I love to capture and preserve moments for people to enjoy for years and generations to come, when they turn into memories. I am mostly known for my love (and fierce need) of coffee, my desire for quality time and gathering people, my undying love of leggings, and my obsession with all things peanut butter. I have the cutest and silliest boyfriend around, and I wouldn't want to spend the last almost 6 years with anyone else. On my long list of to-do's in this short & wonderful life, a few boxes are: to spread kindness and love like it's confetti, help people realize that they are beautiful in their own special way, to not be afraid to be your authentic self, and keep your friends close and your coffee closer.


why i do what i do (and love every second of it)

Do you know the feelings you get when looking at old photographs of your parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends? It's that raw feeling of connection and nostalgia swirled with warmth and fuzziness that you feel throughout your bones. It could be as simple as a silly photo of you and your best friend from middle school or as significant as the only picture you have of your great grandmother. This feeling creates something powerful within us. It creates a sense of time, a sense of place, and most importantly, a sense of who that person is and how they make you feel.

This feeling, this experience, is bigger than photography and is the reason why I love preserving memories.
Photo by Jenna Trostle

Photo by Jenna Trostle


In some cases, this feeling isn't the driving force behind photography and remains invaluable until photos and memories are all that you have of an event or to commenorate a person's life.

In a world that seems to never slow down, I want to freeze these moments for you. Those ever-so-fleeting moments that you will want to remember. In 20 years, I want you to be able to visualize how the person you love wrinkles their nose when they laugh, the way you laugh together, hold each other, and how you felt at that point in your life.

I want to help preserve the moments in your life that deserve to last longer than a moment and the feelings that can only be captured in a photograph.