Family: Bowley and Pound Family Christmas

This session was so fun! Marilyn had contacted me with the idea of getting together her 3 children and their children for a family photo shoot and to get photos of them decorating a Christmas tree! I loved the idea and I was so happy that we could get their family together to capture these memories. With a grand total of 5 adults and 10 kids, we had our cold hands full with kids running around, but everything ran so smoothly! 

This Saturday afternoon was so chilly! We all met up at Marilyn's daughter's house in Jamestown, NY, where we took all of the photos. Luckily, everyone could warm-up inside in between their turn in front of the camera. 

I know, I know. Christmas is the last thing on anyone's mind in February, but hopefully you enjoy the adorable reindeer ornaments, the cutest red tutus, matching flannel shirts, pink superhero capes, and precious family moments. Christmas in February...too soon?