Family: The Garris'

I started off 2016 by spending part of New Year's Day at the beautiful Irvine Church capturing these wonderful people! This was the perfect way to welcome in the new year, a cold snowy day! Good thing I LOVE shooting in the beautiful snow! :) 

These families hold a special place in my heart. I've known the Garris family for many years and Sam has been one of my good friends for years! This session was so special because Steven has been based in Japan for a few years for the Navy and he doesn't get to come home often. Both Laura and Tina contacted me (within one day of each other! lol!) about setting up family photos while Steven was home, so I suggested we have a combined session since everyone would be there anyways, it didn't make sense to have two separate sessions! We were able to squeeze the session in while Steven was home for the Holidays the day before he had to go back to Japan and we had so much fun! We shared lots of laughs and jokes, my favorite moments to capture. 

Just to clear up any confusion to anyone who doesn't know these families! Todd and Tina had two kids, Sam and Steven. Then Todd remarried to Laura and they had a son, Colton.

I love these families! Enjoy!