Couple: Sam + Grier

A short, but sweet Christmas card session with Grier and Sam and their two pups was perfect for a chilly December day! (Really though, we couldn't feel our hands!)

Luckily, we beat a blizzard by just one day at Chapman's Dam in Clarendon, PA. Grier & I were a little disappointed that there wasn't snow on the ground, but we can't complain about sunshine in December, right?! 

I met Grier and Sam last summer when Grier was a Bridesmaid in Lenise & Garrett's wedding and I was so excited when Grier emailed me about taking photos of her, Sam, and their dogs for their Christmas cards!

Their adorable pup's names are Addie & Diesel and they were great models when we could get them to sit still 😉 Addie & Diesel were definitely in the Christmas spirit with their reindeer ears - too cute! 😍🎅🏻

When we took these photos, Sam & Grier were just dating, but now they are engaged!! How exciting! I'm so excited for the two of them and thankful that they chose me to take their photos!

Best wishes, Sam & Grier!