Family: Nikki, Diego, + Lily (And Pregnancy Reveal!!)

I love this little family!! ❤️ I’ve known Nikki and Lenise way back to when we would sing Spice Girls & Backstreet Boys into our hairbrushes and have sleepovers! 🙈 Nikki and I were the best of friends up until she changed schools in 5th grade, moved to Texas in 8th grade, and has lived there ever since! We still keep in touch and I was SO excited when she asked me to take family photos while she was visiting Pennsylvania of her, her boyfriend Diego, and her beautiful daughter, Lily! (I swear guys, Lily is the best little model. Not to mention that she is the most stunning little girl!)

We started planning when and where we wanted to take photos and then she mentioned that her and her boyfriend were expecting! WHAT!!! To say I was excited would be the biggest understatement! I was THRILLED!

If you didn't know this about me, I LOVE surprises, so when Nikki said they were keeping it on the down low until they wanted to surprise their families, I was so practically jumping for joy to share in this exciting time of their lives!

We successfully kept the secret and when they finally posted some of the pregnancy related photos to Facebook, Nikki and Diego received so much love and support. They even flew to New Orleans and surprised Diego's mom with a framed photo from their session to tell her the big news!

We had to include Nikki’s sister and her sweet little family in a few photos too! You may recognize Lenise, Garrett, and their son, Logan, from their wedding photos last June. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago they tied the knot and now they are expecting a little girl in October! 😍🎀 We had beautiful weather for their family session at Betts Park!

I am SO excited for Baby Vazquez, coming in February 2018!

Thanks for choosing me, guys! Love you all! ❤️